Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greater Goods by Whole Living

We are so proud to announce that the Whole Living magazine, a Martha Stewart publication, included our amazing Toddler Pillow on their wish list of products in the June issue. How exciting. Here it is, page 18:

The article introduction says: If your body is a temple, consider this a divine guide for treating it right. From plush towels to a proper pillow for baby, our picks for taking care of you and yours.

About our pillow: 6. SNOOZE CONTROL. This Toddler Pillow, filled with all-natural antimicrobal wool, makes nap time a breeze. Eco-friendly. $55, woollyboo.com.

To buy your own, visit our website: http://woollyboo.com/

Thursday, May 17, 2012

NYCity Mama on Toddler Pillows at The Benjamin

Thanks NYCity Mama, Carol Cain, for including Woolly Boo in her recent mention of The Benjamin Sleep Program. We are so proud.

You can read the whole article here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

INTRODUCING Woolly Boo at The Benjamin Hotel in NYC!

Woolly Boo is proud to announce its partnership with The Benjamin Hotel in New York City, where sleep is core, not an afterthought or coincidence.

Woolly Boo’s Toddler Pillow was selected as the official pillow of Winks’ Kidzzz Club, the hotel’s sleepy time program for the little leaders of tomorrow, to help reinforce the program’s mission of educating children and parents alike on the importance of sleep and healthy bedtime rituals such as choosing organic, chemical-free bedding, avoiding TV 1.5 hours before bedtime, and keeping a regular bedtime schedule even during vacation.

Beginning in Mid-March, families who stay at the boutique luxury hotel in Midtown will be able to use Woolly Boo’s naturally hypo-allergenic, wool-filled Toddler Pillow during their stay.

The Winks’ Kidzzz Club is a complimentary program, and it is available to kids ages 2 to 12. Club offerings also include:
  • Kid-sized robes, available for use at the hotel
  • Lending library of family favorite bedtime books
  • Official Winks’ Kidzzz Club Sleep Certificate awarded upon check-out for a goodnight’s sleep
  • Winks the Owl doll available for purchase ($10).
For more information on the program, visit www.TheBenjamin .com, or to purchase your own Woolly Boo Toddler Pillow for your home, click here and receive free shipping when you order by March 31, 2012.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy ....... Day?!?

When we received a message from the kids' school informing us school closing in observance of the President's Day, we did what any parent would do: I googled it. I mean, what exactly is the "President's Day?"

Well, it appears that the Federal holiday is actually called Washington's Birthday, in the honor of our first president, and that his actual birthday falls on February 22. Now, because both Lincoln and Jefferson were born in or around February as well, some states observe the same day as, wait for it, President's Day. Some states and all department stores, it seems.

Well, happy birthday, Mr. President.

In any case, we hope that you enjoy this nice break with your family. We just wish there was some snow we can play with. But, the spring weather we have been having isn't that bad either, right?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Have you been loosing sleep?

The recent article from Wall Street Journal in which they cite a recent sleep study released on Monday by the Journal of Pediatrics states that while our kids are sleeping less, our parents and our grandparents haven't done a much better job either. Apparently, the kids have been "loosing sleep" since 1900's, and it is all due to technology and, wait for it, literacy. At the turn of the 20th century it was the radio and the books that kept the kids away. Right now, it is television, computers, and mobile phones.

So, what is keeping your kids up?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Craft Day at MCPK

Dear friends,

This post has been a few weeks in the making, but I never seemed to find time or the energy to give it the attention it needs. So, having somewhat recuperated and having caught up with email and messages, after what it felt like an endless stream of craft shows and trade shows, it is time to share this wonderful and wondrous experience with you.

During the planning sessions for the launch of our new product, All-In-One Toddler Nap Mat (pictured above in Pajama Blue), our PR and marketing strategist Cole Hernandez of Pink Graffiti shared a vision board for the trade show booth that would look like a mini preschool classroom. We all agreed that is an amazing idea, and decided to go for it. But, then we realized that preschool classroom walls are always lined with art work, which we didn't have.

So, I decided to take it to source, and asked my children's teachers at Montclair Community Pre-K if they would be interested in organizing a craft day, sponsored by Woolly Boo, where we would bring many different craft supplies and tools for the kids to use and create whatever strikes their fancy. Teachers were delighted by the idea, and were very excited that kids were going to practice their fine motor skills, as well as their imagination.

To keep us on track and within the theme of wool, sheep, and sleep, I downloaded several different sheep coloring pages, like this one from Crayola. Then, I packed my goody bag of craft supplies. Now, some might say that I am a little biased when it comes to crafting supplies (wink, wink). And that I have expensive taste. I have to assure you that my bias comes from the years of experience as a hardcore scrapbook enthusiast. Anyway, this is what our goody bag contained:

  • Martha Stewart Crafts: paper punch, glitter, glitter glue, ink pads, and white felt applique stickers
  • Various stamps
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Various coloring pages
  • Sheep felt appliques
  • Cotton balls
Needless to say, kids had a great time creating their art. For me as a mom, it was amazing to watch the creative process and the way children make decisions on what and how to use their tools. The end results blew me away and were completely different from what any of us imagined the artwork would look like. Here is a little taste:

You can view the full gallery of artwork by clicking on the Flickr badge on the right side of the screen, or by clicking on this link.

Throughout the day, the teachers kept mentioning the high quality of the glitter, glue, and ink pads, and how easy they are to use and reuse. So after we cleaned up, I left all the glitter (the ones pictured, as well as the entire collection of iridescent glitter) that kids found inspiring and fun. My only regret is that I didn't have more to share it with the other classes in the school.

My appeal to everyone reading this is as follows: make sure to bring the toys, craft supplies, and books that your preschoolers have outgrown to a local pre-K. They will receive a whole new life and a lot of love from the kids and teachers there.


Disclosure: This post has not in any way been sponsored by any of the brands or institutions mentioned above. All the supplies have been purchased by my own personal funds and donated to the school. The children have received their artwork back, as well as the digital images of the artwork. And some stickers :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Event: NYIGF

And, we're back. Very busy month for us, as you can see. For the next week, we will be at Javits Center again, for the New York International Gift Fair. As always, you can find us in booth 5011, Baby & Child section. In addition, our amazing new product, Nap Mat, will be displayed as part of Peek-A-Boo selection of best new products. How cool is that?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

A year of the dragon. It will be a fierce one. May it bring you many good things.