Friday, December 31, 2010

Still can't get into the studio, but...

We are not too devastated. There is something magical about spending time with kids with no agenda and time lines. And the Woolly Boo lawn sign seems to be enjoying the snow as well.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Big Snow

Can you believe that?!?

This is the entrance to the studio, so as suspected, no work is getting done over the holidays. Oh, well. We'll just have to bear it as best as we can.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

From everyone at Woolly Boo®!

May your path always be lighted by the bright smiles of happy children, and may your step be quick as you rush into their embrace.

Here's to a healthy and happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

"Sleeping Beauty"

Earnshaw's, the oldest and the best magazine in children's apparel business, called our lovely Infant Sleep Sacks "Sleeping Beauty", in this week's edition of E-shaw's Pampered Fridays.

How cool is that?!?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Founder Selma Avdicevic Featured Member by Ladies Who Launch

Have you ever heard of Ladies Who Launch? You must have. It is this amazing organization that helps women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Woolly Boo founder, Selma Avdicevic, has been a member for several years now, and has enjoyed many benefits of the networking as well as resources available to members. One of the latest is being a Featured Member. You can read the full story here.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Founder Selma Avdicevic Honored by Martha Stewart

Woolly Boo® founder, Selma Avdicevic, has been honored by Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers as Doer of the Week! To read the full interview, click here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guest blog entry by Founder Selma Avdicevic: Baby, It's Cold Outside

A friend of mine recently asked me to write a guest blog entry for her website Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting. You see, she had this idea of integrated vintage media platform, and she thought Woolly Boo is a perfect company to partner with. After all, our products have been around for a long time, and wool is true "vintage". So, naturally, I said yes. When she asked what I would write about, I said I have no clue. But, as always during this time of year, I draw my inspiration from one of the best movies of all times: A Christmas Story. Enjoy!

Every time winter rolls around, this image starts swirling in my mind, and I find myself chanting: “I can’t put my arms down. I can’t put my arms down.”

 I always felt a lot of sympathy for little Randy from A Christmas Story, especially since I had a privilege of having an overbearing mother that dressed me quite the same way at the first signs of winter.

Yes, it cannot be helped - we want to keep our precious bundle safe and warm. Unfortunately, majority of us falls into two categories: too much or too little. We all have seen kids running around in the snow in sneakers. Or those with their bare backs out in the wind. Or those that feel jackets are optional. Or, my favorite, those wearing shorts in December. Then there is Randy.

Some of these instances cannot he helped, and are a lot of times either kids’ exercise in individuality or our attempt at trying to teach them another life lesson. All valid reasons. However, most of the “leaving the house” tantrums and other calamities can be avoided if we are properly prepared. And, here are some tips that might help:

Unless absolutely necessary, don’t take the kids out of the house for extended periods of time if the temperature is below 30 degrees. 30-45 minutes of playing in the snow and cold is plenty. Anything over that is an invitation for a disaster.

Make sure the kids wear adequate clothing. And this goes both ways. With the acorn not falling too far from the tree, the first winter I had a baby, the poor thing was so overdressed, he got a heat rash – in January. So, take it easy. The first layer should be thermal underwear. Personally, I really like ski underwear, because it’s made for the cold – it will take the sweat away from the body, and keep you warm. Good, long socks are a must. In winter, I use wool. They are a bit thicker, but a whole lot more comfortable for those winter escapades. Next, a warm layer. Sweater and pants. Pants should be lined, and if going out to play in the snow, waterproof. Sweater should be from natural fibers, wool being the best.

Make sure the kids wear adequate protective gear. Jacket, clearly. If it has a warm layer and a waterproof/windproof layer, it will work great. Good, comfortable boots. A hat that covers ears is a must. 85% of body heat is lost through the head. Now, be careful with this one. Because, if the kids get overheated when playing, you want some of that heat to leave, but you don’t want them to take the hat off. So, again, a good solution is a hat made of natural fibers, wool preferably, lined around the edges with fleece. You are not going to believe how comfortable these are. Then come gloves. They should be waterproof on the outside and warm on the inside. You don’t want to be dealing with frost bites on those little fingers.

When in doubt about a piece of gear, try it yourself. There is a reason kids don’t want to put something on. Maybe, just maybe, it’s uncomfortable.

And, finally, skin protection. Get yourself a BIG tub of lanolin-based skin creams appropriate for children. And slather that all over the little hands, face, nose, and lips. A few brands that come to mind are Lansinoh and Weleda. Why lanolin? It’s simple. It is a natural wax, extracted from sheep’s wool that has proven to be one of the best protectors of gentle baby skin. Way better than petroleum jelly. And infinitely more environment-friendly. Mind you, a very small of population is allergic to lanolin, so test it before you use it.

Trust your kids and your instincts. If they tell you they are hot, they are hot. If they tell you they are cold, they are cold simple. And if you see a little chin shivering, it’s time to come inside, no matter what they say.

Have fun! Raising children is hard work. So, let your hair down and have a snow ball fight with your little ones. That’s how memories are made.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

News is up and running

That's right! The News portion of our website is active as of this morning. We are very excited about this addition, because it also features our new and improved Press Kit. Now, we just sit back and wait for the press to call us, right?!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NYIGF: Step 3

These are the new postcards that we ordered for the 2011. Aren't they cool?

They just arrived from the printer and we'll be including them into the presentation folders. They were printed on the 100% recycled paper with vegetable-based dyes. The quality is outstanding. We are actually very excited about our low carbon footprint, but also with the look and feel of this product. It truly represents our brand.

It's starting to come together. And, no, the catalog is not ready yet. But, it's getting there.

Friday, November 26, 2010

NYIGF: Step 2

So, the preparations have really begun. At this time, we are totally late in getting the catalog out to print, because we keep hoping it will magically finish itself and fly off to the printer in Florida. Wrong.

However, we have booked the advertising space for the following trade publications: Earnshaw's and LDB Interior Textiles. Both publications are some of the oldest in their respective fields and cater to the luxury market that represents our core customers. Hopefully, this collaboration will be mutually beneficial.

Now, on to the next tasks.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Imediate Release: Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow

Montclair, NJ – November 11, 2010 – Woolly Boo® announces the newest addition to their line of organic wool sleep products for children – Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow. The Children’s Seat Belt Pillow is designed to provide head and neck support to children while traveling or during nap time.

The Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow insert is made of 100% cotton shell and 100% organic wool batting. The cover is made of 100% cotton that is removable and washable. The product measures 11” x 4” x 2.5”, and it has a total of 150 grams or 5 ounces of wool batting. Customers can choose between twenty five (25) different colors and patterns of cotton drill, damask, and flannel that are currently part of Woolly Boo® line. As all Woolly Boo® products, Children’s Seat Belt Pillow is hypo-allergenic, breathable, flame retardant, and luxurious.

Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow will be available in extremely limited quantities immediately following its debut at the New York International Gift Fair on January 29 – February 3, 2010 in New York City. Wide retail distribution is scheduled for April 2011.

Woolly Boo® is a mother/daughter team that makes all natural crib bumper pads, crib mattress pads, toddler pillows, toddler comforters, crib and toddler sets, toddler travel pillows, and sleep sacks or wearable blankets for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or

Friday, November 19, 2010

For Imediate Release: Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow

Montclair, NJ – November 11, 2010 – Woolly Boo® announces the newest addition to their line of organic wool sleep products for children – Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow. The Toddler Travel Pillow is designed to provide head and neck support to children while traveling or during nap time.

The Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow insert is made of 100% cotton shell and 100% organic wool batting. The cover is made of 100% cotton that is removable and washable. The product measures 9” x 7.5” x 2.25”, and it has a total of 150 grams or 5 ounces of wool batting. Toddler Travel Pillow can be used with car seats, booster seats, and strollers. It will keep the children comfortable while they are on the go.

Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow will be available in extremely limited quantities immediately following its debut at the New York International Gift Fair on January 29 – February 3, 2010 in New York City. Wide retail distribution will be scheduled for April 2011.

Woolly Boo® is a mother/daughter team that makes all natural crib bumper pads, crib mattress pads, toddler pillows, toddler comforters, crib and toddler sets, toddler travel pillows, and sleep sacks or wearable blankets for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preparations have begun...

... For New York International Gift Fair. This year, we have several exciting updates.

One, we will be debuting our "Travel Pillow" collection with 2 different children's travel pillows. More on this later in the week, when we will publish the first photos and the press releases.

And two, we have upgraded the booth. This year, you can find us in Booth 5011, on the corner of first aisle and first corridor.

Here is also a look at our new presentation folders that arrived from a printer a few days ago. Now, we just need to find something to fill them with.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just becase I don't have enough to do...

I decided now would be a perfect time to restore that old Singer I told you about. It turned out to be an amazing piece, once we stripped all that blue paint, and repaired and oiled the veneer. The actual machine is in perfect working order, and is now a display in our Living Room. Just in case. You never know when we might need it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ladies Who What?!?

For a number of years, we've been a members of a great entrepreneurial community called Ladies Who Launch. Besides having a great and humorous name, this community actually provides tremendous support for women small-business owners. To achieve this, they offer their community members several different programs, including mentoring and coaching sessions. Very exciting.

In addition to that, they organize an annual conference, where all the members get a chance to meet and network with each other, as well as some of the best names in many areas of business, including financing, marketing, PR, etc. This year's conference was held this past Monday and Tuesday in New York City. Some of the guests included Joan Lunden, Martha Beck, Lisa Oz, Lisa Price, Anne Beiler, and many, many more.

And Woolly Boo was there. In addition to attending all the wonderful workshops, we also had a vendor table at the event, offering all the attendees, guests, and the members of the press an opportunity to see, touch and feel our amazing products. We got a lot of great feedback, and everybody absolutely loved every single thing we had displayed on the table. It was really great to receive all that positive energy.

We also made some great networking connections, which we hope will help carry Woolly Boo onto to the next level. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Recap: Westfield Armory

What to say? It was a bitter-sweet experience, because it was the official last craft show of the season for us. With the demand for Woolly Boo products increasing, we really don't have time to be on the road, so everyone is coming home. I am particularly happy about this, because this summer and fall were excruciating. It was very hard to miss those weekends with the kids, as much as they visited on sites.

But, back to our topic. This is a great facility, and for this show it was all dressed up in pipe and drape, and a beautiful red carpet. It had a very sophisticated, almost trade-show like feeling, which I believe, contributed to the vendors being much more relaxed than usual. I certainly felt that way.

As far as sales were concerned, it was great to connect with a several mothers and grandmothers who were simply in love with Woolly Boo. We got a lot of compliments on craftsmanship and the quality of products, which in itself would be quite enough - that's how good they were.

There was a lot of interest in the samples of our new products, and that was exciting. I can't wait to share that with you. Keep you eyes and ears open for special deals.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This weekend

We will be at the Westfield Armory in Westfield, NJ.

This is a premier indoor event. You will be able to meet the 130 jewelers, woodworkers, fine artists, photographers, glass makers, fiber artists, potters and more. Learn about their creative processes and what inspires them.

Enjoy a coffee or tea, a snack, or a delicious lunch at the "show cafe."

The show will run from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and from 10am to 5pm on Sunday. For a $2 discount off the $6 entry fee, click here. With the discount postcard, the entry fee is two for the price of one before 11am and after 3pm.

The Armory is located at 500 Rahway Avenue in Westfield, four miles from the Garden State Parkway or accessible from Routes 22 and 28.

Friday, October 29, 2010

If you are going to San Francisco...

Make sure to check out the craft market on Market Street.

Unfortunately, we got there on our first day in San Fran just as everyone was packing up. We did come back the next day, and were really pleasantly surprised with the quality of art and crafts offered. One would think, since Market Street is chuck full of tourists, that the only thing you would find would be $5 sunglasses from China. Fortunately, San Fran city fathers and mothers are staying true to their city, and only local artisans and artists are allowed to get permits to sell on the street.

Hooray for San Francisco!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now, that was something else!

What a weekend! The wind was gusting at 50 mph through the set up and then all day Saturday. Under the circumstances, most sellers were so depressed because the last two years the weather was pretty bad. And bad weather usually translates into bad sales.

Well, not sure what happened this year as opposed to the last few, but people came out in droves, despite the wind and the cold.

Sunday especially. The sun brought out even those that never come to craft shows. At set up on Sunday, we actually had to turn people away and ask them to visit the showroom, because we really needed to leave.

It's a good thing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

This weekend

We are the wonderful Brookdale Park that borders two town in New Jersey, Montclair and Bloomfield. It is particularly exciting, because it is a local show, so family is only 5 minutes away. The second exciting thing is that this show was recently voted one of the 200 Best in the Country by Sunshine Artist, a great honor indeed.

We will be in booth 231, next to the baseball fields. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This seemed like a too good of a giveaway not to pass it on to you! Hope one of you wins!

This Fall's Crafts in Chelsea event is ramping up to be the biggest show yet! On October 16th, 130 artists and crafters will offer their unique handmade items to the public on 21st Street between 8th and 9th Avenue. To celebrate this day, 13 artisans have generously contributed to a deluxe giveaway. The lucky winner of the giveway will get:

Clockwise from left to right 1. Set of Pinup Coasters from Cards in Stitches, 2. Pillow from Elements 4 Inspired Living, 3. Amigurumi Keychain with Trinket Box from AmiTown Creatures, 4. Pink Cupcake Amigurumi Bear from Amigurumi Kingdom, 5. Copper Lace Earrings from SdVDesigns, 6. Pillowcase Tunic from BShorr Handmade Designs, 7. I-Phone Case from D.S. Lookin, 8. Copper Bangles from Nemesis Jewelry, 9. Reversible Flannel and Polar Fleece Cloche from Ellis Design, 10. Magnet and Bookmark Set from LuCrafts, 11. Silver Earrings from Irene C. Studio, 12. Crystal Flower Earrings from Haru Creations,   13. The Janice Headband from MollyMade, 14. Silver and Suede Tag Bracelet from Charms of Faith,

How To Enter the Giveaway

You have three chances to enter this giveaway by doing one or all of these things before 12 PM EST on Saturday, October 16th.

1. Leave a Comment
Follow the blog by clicking the follow button in the right column and leave a comment describing what you like about craft fairs;


2. Enter on Twitter
Follow The NewNew on Twitter here: and Tweet the following by 12 PM EST on Saturday October 16th:

RT @TheNewNewNY #CraftsinChelsea Giveaway

Leave a comment on the blog that you did this;


3. Enter on Facebook
Login to Facebook and go to the Crafts in Chelsea event page and "Write something". Leave a comment on the blog that you did this.

The winner will be announced on Monday October 18th on the blog. If the prize is not claimed within one week, it will go to the next runner up. So check back HERE next week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interesting local event

Just wanted to share this local event with you guys. 

I have been a member of a group called The Creative Women's Collective for a little over a year. The group and its members have been a great resource of wisdom and inspiration during that time. Anyway, they are starting to be a little more aggressive in promoting their mission and their members, which I am very fond of. One of the latest efforts is the series of trunk shows. The first one is tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6.

If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A really nasty cold

Has taken over the entire household. We suspect the kids brought it from school. Under the circumstances, they really seem to be doing great. The adults, however, are completely incapacitated. The babysitter called in sick two days in a row, the in-laws are coughing and staying away so not to make matters worse, the husband is in bed, shivering with fever, and I am walking around in a cloud, since my sinuses are so clogged, there is no oxygen getting to the brain.

Under the circumstances, we had to cancel our participation in the Bloomsbury show, however promising the location and the nice weather.

Maybe next year....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This weekend

We are going to be in Bloomsbury, NJ. Bloomsbury is located in Hunterdon County, close to the Pennsylvania border.

This year the show will be celebrating its 11th anniversary. A neighbor, and a fellow crafter recommended it to me, saying that it would be perfect for Woolly Boo. So, we're heading down tomorrow morning.

The two day juried event will feature over sixty exhibitors from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and several other states. Work to be displayed includes watercolors, glass, photography, metal, jewelry, fiber, oils, pastels, acrylics, clay, mixed media, florals, and wood.

The festival also features a wide variety of entertainment and food, including a children's activities area.

The Bloomsbury Fine Art & Fine Craft Festival provides funding for the Bloomsbury Elementary School cultural arts programs, while providing area residents and visitors the opportunity to appreciate the visual and performing arts.

The mission of the Bloomsbury Fine Art and Fine Craft Festival is to promote, cultivate and foster interest and participation in the arts.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Recap: Back to School Bash

I love being part of a great community? Don't you? And Montclair is really one such community. That was evident at the Back to School Bash.

The highlight of the event was my son - walking around in his underwear because it was too hot for clothes. And jamming to Rage Against the Machine being performed by the local School of Rock. Yes, it all sounds very "uncultured", but trust me, it was beyond adorable.

We hope this event will turn into a tradition and return next year.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to School Bash in Montclair

Several weeks ago, a friend invited me to participate as a sponsor in the Back to School Bash, organized by BaristaKids, the offspring of a very popular local media outlet Baristanet. I thought it was a very cool idea, so I said yes. And here are the details:

Sunday, September 19
2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
The Soccer Domain
14 Depot Square
Montclair, NJ

* Music by Mr. Ray and School Of Rock Montclair
* Local vendors
* Bouncy houses
* Food
* Face painting
* Juggling
* Kids' yoga
* and much, much more

See you there!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

To wash or not to wash, that is the question

And the answer: go right ahead!

Every time I have a conversation about this issue in regards to Woolly Boo products, most people look at me like I have two heads. Seriously. Yes, the common wisdom is that wool should not be machine washed. And yes, you shouldn't wash any of our products with hot water with highest spin. Everything in moderation, temperature, detergent, and spin.

We recently replaced an antiquated washing machine in our laundry room with the Electrolux. My reaction, after having used it for a month now is: where have you been my whole life? Why? Well, if you remember a few weeks ago we did a show in Woodstock-New Paltz. As magnificent as that show was, the bad part was that at this point in the year there was no grass on the ground, and it was a dry day. What that meant is that there was so much dust in the air, between the foot traffic and the large fans. So, when we got home, it was clear that every single thing that was in New Paltz needed to be washed, starting with product samples.

At first, I was a little apprehensive, since the new machine was never used for this purpose. I knew it would be good, it was just a matter of finding the right setting and pressing the right button. Well, it looks like I've done, because the samples came out of the washer looking magnificent. Look at the mattress pad:

And the sample sleep sack came out looking better than I remember it. While I was on a roll, I also washed the plastic covers for the sleep sacks. Oh, a thing of beauty. And the tag said that they should never be washed. Well, proved them wrong, didn't we?

For the record, we used the following settings: "hand wash" with cold water and minimum spin. You don't have to use the spin, if you don't want to, but it will cut your drying time significantly. Air dry it flat, possibly in the sunlight.

This is by no means a scientific testing, but it was a first step. We still recommend that you don't wash your Woolly Boo products unless absolutely necessary. If you are unsure or what to do, please contact us, and we'll walk you through it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recap: Anderson Park, NJ

Regardless what happened, this was going to be a successful show for us, since we were on home field. Woolly Boo showroom is 3 blocks away from the Anderson Park, and The Montclair Times gave us that lovely mention in the Arts section 2 weeks ago.

And the people came. In droves. I didn't even have time to visit the bathroom, which was only several feet away. The food was a complete science fiction. At one point I was so thirsty and hungry, I sent one of my customers to get me some refreshments. Honest.

I got a visit from a local Councilman, all the local customers, all the neighbors, all the friends from Montclair and surrounding towns, local fellow crafters and artists, and all the moms I met on the various playgrounds and during classes for kids. It was phenomenal. And tiring. But, the tiredness only came about later, as I was trying to do some work on the computer, and fell asleep sitting. I did. True story.

As far as show management is concerned, I have nothing but nicest things in the world to say about Janet and Howard Rose. They really are a pleasure to work with, and I will certainly be back next Fall.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Recap: Lyndhurst, NY Show

Has to be said, this is one of the Top 2 show experiences I've ever had. It is really a pleasure working with serious, dedicated, professional show promoters. I have been lucky to have met several in my brief craft show carrier.

The location was idyllic, the weather fantastic, staff helpful and accommodating, and everything ran as a well oiled machine. I just needed a better coffee, and it would have been perfect.

So far, it looks like this show is a collection of artists, artisans, and crafters that are in a same category as me: handcrafted heirloom quality, and priced accordingly. Depending on the layout next year, I might consider moving to a little tent set up, but that is always tricky in September, as Sunday's rain proved. Under the large tents (two tents connected with a tunnel), customers could still shop without having to worry about umbrellas and getting wet, and it was considerably warmer than outside.

And the view... Ah, the view...

Friday, September 10, 2010

This weekend

Busy doesn't describe it adequately, but it is self-inflicted, and therefore I can't really complain about it.

It all started more than six months ago when I realized that I double-booked myself for this weekend. At first it didn't seem like a bad idea, since one show started on Friday and the other on Saturday. But, that was then, and I was now left to deal with the consequences.

My weekend officially started on Thursday, when I drove to Lyndhurst Castle to set up for the Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst. I decided to take a space in the large tent, as to avoid needing two tents, but that didn't work out well on two fronts: I still needed a frame to set up the space, and the big tents at Lyndhurst are set-back, all the way in the back, and the traffic is considerably less. At least that's what we saw today, Friday. Hopefully, it will improve during the weekend.

After I finished setting up Lyndhurst, and left my partner there, I had to find another tent. My good friend Heather, from The Sewing Loft, was gracious enough to let me borrow hers. After 2 hours in accident traffic, I was at Anderson Park, setting up for Fine Art and Crafts at Anderson Park. This felt good, because it was right in our backyard, and because the press we received last week in The Montclair Times. Tiring, nonetheless.

See you on the flip side.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recap: Woodstock-New Paltz, NY Show

It must be said, I have never seen such excitement about the art and crafts fair, as I did in New Paltz this past weekend. And, on my ride back home, I found out why. One of the local residents told me that this show is the premier event in the area, and people talk about it for months, before and after the show. This would explain the amazing crowd lining up at 9:30 am to get tickets for the 10 am opening. Most other shows I've done, nobody shows up before lunch. Well, lesson learned.

High marks go to the show organizers and promoters: they were very good at controlling the traffic, they had a very good balance of crafts, the bathrooms were clean and the garbage taken away before it was overflowing, the recycling bins were actually used and regularly emptied, and the food was tasty. My one issue: they didn't have any booth sitters, which means that people like me, with no sales help, had to either leave their display unattended, or go hungry. Not good options.

To save on costs, and to have a somewhat of a semblance of a family life this holiday weekend, I decided to drive in every day, as opposed to sleep over in New Paltz. Three tanks of gas, 1 speeding ticket, and 652 miles later, I realized that was not one of my best ideas. Another lesson.

I have to say, I am very much looking forward to the Anderson Park show this weekend. It is going to be nice selling out of my backyard.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This weekend

We are at the fantastic Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair. The Fair will be held at the Ulster County Fairgrounds, a mile or so from the downtown New Paltz.

The Fair website has our name and the contact information completely wrong, so be sure to look for B31 in the large B tent. We are very hard to miss.

See you there!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Imediate Release: Woolly Boo® New Product

Woolly Boo® is very proud to announce to the public its new product: Crib Bumper Pad.

The Crib Bumper Pad is a welcome addition to Woolly Boo®’s line of organic wool and cotton crib bedding. As with all our products, the Crib Bumper Pad is made of highest quality cotton and organic wool filler. The use of organic and natural materials ensures a safe night’s sleep for baby.

Woolly Boo® Crib Bumper Pad protects the baby against hard crib edges, bumps, bruises, and keeps little arms and legs within the crib, so there is no sleep interruption. Because we only use natural and organic materials, there is always a healthy airflow within the crib, and the Crib Bumper Pad is completely breathable. The Crib Bumper Pad features organic wool as a filler, a natural material that is also hypoallergenic. Our cotton cover is very soothing and gentle against the soft baby skin – a definition of luxury.

The Crib bumper Pad is 162 inches long and 6 inches high, and it weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces. This product will be available for purchase exclusively on our company’s website starting Friday, August 20, 2010.

Woolly Boo® is a Montclair, NJ based manufacturer of heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind crib sets from organic wool and cotton. Our mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for your child. If you are interested in learning more about Woolly Boo®, please contact us at or visit

Monday, August 23, 2010

FINALIST for Eco Choice Awards!

What a surprising phone call that was!

While I knew that being featured in the SustainAbility display would be a great honor, I had no idea how much attention we would receive from it.

First, there was a buyer in a booth across from mine pointing to the dress form in the corner and telling me that she loved my Just Peachy Sleep Sack when she saw it on NBC that morning. NBC?!? So cool! "Oh, you didn't know?" No, I didn't until just then! I will certainly post the link to the video as soon as I find it.

Then, there was an interior designer who came downstairs to find me and tell me that our Toddler Comforters are the most amazing thing she saw in a long time - the wool, the fabric, the quality of workmanship. She stood there for about 20 minutes hugging it, and then she told me she will go upstairs to vote for me. Vote? There was an option to vote?

And last, but not least, I received a phone call on Friday that Woolly Boo Just Peachy Sleep Sack is a FINALIST for the Eco Choice Award in a category of Most Sensible Use of Materials. As voted by the retailers. Now, how about that!

Friday, August 20, 2010

NYIGF: Recap

There are few things one can say to adequately describe what happens at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center during the New York International Gift Fair. It is, well, indescribable. The crowds, the booths, the lighting, the displays, the crowds, the lines, the crowds... You get the picture.

Luckily for me, I decided to set up the first day, Wednesday. This was a great decision, since Thursday and Friday were a complete mayhem of activity. My handcart and I would not be able to compete with some of the machinery that subsequently landed on the exhibit floor.

And this was the final result:

All the furniture came from the local Ikea, the wardrobe, the shelves, and even the canopy. The really are friendly on the budget. The crib was a hand-me-down from my uncle. And the sign came from For internet-based printer, I was really surprised at the quality. They followed my directions to a T. The delivery was even better, since the sign came a few days before it was promised. All in all, great experience.

As far as how Woolly Boo fared at the Fair (sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme), well, the general consensus is: GREAT! Everyone who walked by our booth smiled, everyone (well, almost everyone) loved our products. The interior designers were so excited that there is an Eco-luxury customizable option on the market, I couldn't kick them out of the booth. And I think that almost every online drop-ship retailer wanted to carry our products. So, yeah, I'd say great.

In the end, after all the press and awards (more on that later), I still had to get out of my designer clothes, put on the Gap jeans, pack up and haul up the product and the display, mostly by myself.

It was a little sad to leave, because after spending a week with the same booth neighbors, we made friends. Also, the lessons I've learned from all of them are truly invaluable, and I really hope to see them again soon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Night Series in NYC: Recap

Big thanks to Maya Autret of ReziClass, Jen Lesser of CityMommy, Kami Evans of Elahi Yoga, and Eric Messinger of New York Family Magazine for organizing such great series of events.

It was a pleasure, not just being there as a vendor and a sponsor, but also partaking in the social aspect of meeting so many new friends in person. And the information that was shared by the lecturers is invaluable.

So, thanks for thinking of me. To view the photos of the event, click here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NYIGF Move In Report

That was something, I have to tell. I feel so small, with my hand-me-down display and my handcart. But, also, very excited. I just stood back and watched the masters of the baby and children's market at work. Pretty cool. I had planned to go back again today, but the kids missed me, so I just stayed home, baked, and had fun with them. Needed to charge my batteries with baby love juice, since I have a big week ahead of me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EtsyKids Shopping Guide

Ladies and gentlemen,

The EtsyKids Autumn Shopping Guide is now officially available for your viewing and shopping pleasure. It is filled with amazing Etsy finds for all the kids, and some really cool stuff for moms as well.

Yours truly is exhibiting in the several categories, so I guess I'll see you in the aisles.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crunch Time!

The move in for the NYIGF is tomorrow, and I am nowhere near ready. Somehow, I kept thinking I have more time, but July just got away from me, and here we are.... Agh.

Honestly, I just want to eat all my nails and pull my hair out. Well, actually, that is the second choice. The first choice is that somehow, miraculously, I don't have to do the show and I get to spend the day in bed. I know, I know, I won't be any more ready next year than I am today, but THIS IS TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!

Please tell me it will be OK.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Just Peachy Sleep Sack is Product of the Day!!!

What a great honor! Thanks Kids Today Magazine!

To view the website, please click here.

To purchase the Just Peachy Sleep Sack, click here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another week, another trunk show

Because the Summer Night Series event on July 29 was such a success, Woolly Boo was invited to a second trunk show. This time, it is on August 11.

Sweet Pea Baby Planners will share expert advice on the best baby gear for each mom, and on setting up the baby registry. Future moms will enjoy mocktails, munchies by Taste 1 Chef, trunk shows for baby boutiques and other products, and win great raffles & giveaways.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Woolly Boo at summer Night Series in NYC!

This is an AMAZING opportunity for moms of preschoolers and school-age kids.

Hosted by ReziClass, CityMommy, and Elahi Yoga, moms will have a chance to learn all about the New York City public school options for pre-k and up, including Gifted & Talented programs. In addition, they can enjoy mocktails, munchies by DinDins Food, shop at trunk shows for children's boutiques and many other vendors, and win great raffles & giveaways.

Woolly Boo has been asked to participate and offer their products at the trunk show portion of this event.

We'll see you there!

Monday, July 26, 2010

More things of interest

We are very proud to announce that once again Woolly Boo is chosen to be a part of the EtsyKids Design Challenge!

This month's theme is Dainty Damask, and, as you know, we are all about Dainty Damask.

So, get your voting fingers on the ready, and click here. Woolly Boo is number 30.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As predicted...

I am really slacking off with this blog. Not that there is a lack of things to talk about, but there aren't simply enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. But, enough complaining.

This Saturday, July 17, we will be at the Brooklyn Indie Market, as part of the special event, titled Kidding Around. It will be a fun, whole day event, of shop-and-swap, for tots to tweens. And tons of handmade stuff just for kids. So, why not stop by?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last weekend

Just uploaded a new set of photos, however few, of the last weekend. It was quite interesting. Completely different crowd than I am used to, but very invigorating.

As you can see, we run a family business here, and the babies helped with the booth display. They also had loads of fun splashing in the new fountains. Luckily, it was warm enough that they didn't mind being wet.

Off to make more stuff for this weekend. See you there!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Wanted to share this exciting news: Woolly Boo products are now available for purchase at

Now, tell me, how cool is that?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New York City, here we come!

In case you've been under a rock for the last few months, you know we are getting for the big, no - large, no - huge, New York City show: American Crafts Festival at the Lincoln Center.

This is THE place for the crafts in New York with over 400 exhibitors.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Woolly Boo® to be featured in the SustainAbility: Design for a Better World®

New York, NY – June 14, 2010 – In its inaugural year at the New York International Gift Fair®, Woolly Boo® products have been chosen to be featured in the SustainAbility: Design for a Better World® project.

The SustainAbility: Design for a Better World® project is a curated exhibit showcasing home and lifestyle products that are environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible. Companies from 39 countries and five continents will participate at this year’s event held in New York City, August 14 through 20 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, in conjunction with the New York International Gift Fair®.

The exhibit spotlights producers whose products or production processes are eco-friendly, as well as companies whose business practices are socially responsible or fair-trade oriented. These are, in fact, Woolly Boo® core values.

“Green” Products:

• products that are manufactured or constructed with only recycled, recyclable and/or sustainable materials.

Environmentally-Friendly Production Processes:

• manufacturers using alternative sources of energy in production, including wind, sun, and alternative fuels.

Socially-Responsible Business Practices:

• products produced by indigenous peoples, creating viable, sustainable trades and markets in poverty-stricken and needy communities worldwide

• manufacturers who donate percentages of their sales to not-for-profit organizations.

Beginning in 2010, NYIGF introduced a “Zero Tolerance” for products with: VOC; Lead (for baby, children and food-related products); PVC, without recommendation for use and disposal, and unless repurposed; and Aniline dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine (for textiles).

This year, in its inaugural year at the NYIGF, Woolly Boo® will be showcasing their line of children’s sleep products: crib sets, sleep sacks or wearable blankets, pillows, and comforters.

These wonderful organic wool products are pure, safe, durable, and comfortable. They are truly unique, and are currently not available from any other manufacturer in the market.

If you are interested in learning more about Woolly Boo® products, please contact us at or visit

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New shopping cart

In an interest to add yet another "professional" layer to this business, we've developed our own shopping cart. Very cool.

You can view it here.

We are actually using PayPal, because it's safe and secure, and millions of people already have accounts. So, we've made it even easier and quicker for you to buy our products. Hooray!

See you at the checkout line!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kicking Wordpress and HTML's behind

Or, how I finally found time and motivation to update my website.

It has certainly been a learning process, but as with most things worth learning, very rewarding. The website is now so much better for the following reasons:

  1. Finally updated the list of product categories and products available for sale, so there is no disparity between the website and the Etsy shop.
  2. SEO optimized.
  3. Which also led to better, more concise writing and descriptions.
  4. Which also led to Woolly Boo-related websites being the entire front page of Google search. Yeah!

Next frontier: shopping cart!

This will be interesting.

Friday, May 21, 2010


It's the number Woolly Boo entry for the EtsyKids May Design Challenge. Ha?!?

I know. Here is the breakdown: Etsy sellers, such as yours truly, organize in groups or teams based on a specific theme. For example, Woolly Boo is a member of 4 different teams: EtsyKids, EtsyNJ, EtsyMom, and The NewNew (New York City Metro artists and crafters). Obvious choices, right?

So, one of my teams, EtsyKids, runs a monthly design challenge - a theme is picked and all the members can enter, if they choose to, provided their creation meets the criteria. This month, the challenge is "flowers", and we entered our new product: Everlasting Bloom Cup Sleeve.

Now, there are total of sixty three entries, all awesome. Woolly Boo is #49. Because this is my team, I am not saying vote for me, and I am not going to run the voting campaign I did last week. But should you feel inclined, Woolly Boo is #49.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another day, another trademark

I am very happy to report that as of today, both our name and our logo are registered trademarks. As you see, this has been a long process, but certainly worth the monetary and time investment.

The funny thing is, when the examining attorney called to talk to me about it, my daughter decided that is an opportune time to speak to me about something rather urgent - the pancake syrup. I joke not. You should have heard and seen this joggling act, which also included finding the right spot in the house for the cellphone reception.

So, there I was hopping around the kitchen, looking for a quiet corner with at least three bars on the phone. My daughter is chasing me, asking to give her more raspberry pancake syrup, because she licked her portion off already (without eating the pancakes). My son, standing on the table, on the pancake syrup high, belting his favorite song. Examining attorney for the trademark, calling from Washington, trying to explain the details of next steps. Phew... As I said, you should have been there.

But, all is well that ends well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woolly Boo Presents: Seventh Annual Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival

This weekend was certainly the whirlwind of activity: craft show by day, BHFF by night, parties, VIPs, and no sleep. But, it was all in good fun, and each event great in its own right.

Being a BHFF sponsor was a fantastic experience. It added a definite touch of glamour to otherwise not so glamorous existence of a crafty mom of two little kids. I got to play dress up, I got to wear make-up, I got to talk to other adults, none of whom had children, and consequently didn't care about mine, except in passing.

This is a photo of me with Zlata Filipovic, a writer, and Sabina Vajraca, a filmmaker. I am the old one in the middle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Verona Park Show recap

Finally, I got my act together enough so that I can join words into what might be comprehensible sentences. Reason? I have simply stretched myself too thin this past weekend. Between the show, a volunteer event, and a sponsorship event in NYC, I got about 8 hours of sleep between Friday and Monday. Oh, yeah. But, I survived, and here we are today.

What to say? The Verona Park is stunning. It is such a gem. The setting and the location were chosen very well, and judging by the attendance, so was the demographic. The traffic flow was constant. On Sunday even more so than on Saturday.

A lot of people were interested in Woolly Boo products, and I gave out a lot of brochures. I am very happy about this. Because, and all crafters will tell you this, an educated customer means satisfied customer. They know exactly what they are buying, and there are no returns and no arguments.

Truth be told, since most of my products are comforters and sleep sacks, I have expected a lot less interest, and am truly humbled by the attention we've received. In addition, there were a number of very seasoned crafters/artists/vendors present, so I also learned a lot from them. The camaraderie was impressive. I am looking forward to the rest of the summer.

To view the photos from the event, please click here.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Oh, it feels so good to say that!

While it would have been great just to be featured on Cafe Handmade, being a winner is a special honor.

Thanks to all our friends who voted for us. You made this happen and we are very grateful for your support.

Cheers to all of you!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This weekend

We are in the amazing Verona Park in Verona, NJ. That's as next door to us as it gets. But, Montclair having an abundance of parks, we just never ventured there. Well, that's about to change. And, because we are so close to home, I think the kids are coming along as well. This will be interesting.

A little history lesson - this is another one of the magnificent parks that were designed by the Olmstead Brothers at the turn of the 20th Century. I am talking the Olmstead Brothers of the Central Park in New York City. While Central Park is amazing, and really well maintained, believe it or not, it is not the best park they designed. Personally, I believe that some of their best work was on this side of the Hudson River, in the Montclair/Bloomfield/Verona/Newark neighborhood. It's just that the towns and the State have fallen on hard times, and the park were neglected for a little while.

However, there is a concerned effort to return them to their old glory, and it's working. I recommend day trips with a picnic basket. You won't be sorry.

Here is what you can find in Verona:

Yes, that is a Boat House. This one was actually built AFTER the one in Central Park, so it's a new and improved version.

See you there!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tent weights

Inspired by this blog post about making your own weights for the show tent, I embarked on a little DIY project after I packed the kids off to bed.

My husband looked at me all perplexed, as in why is she mixing cement at 9 pm? Then he gave me all the moral support he could muster at that late hour.

I followed all the steps, except a few changes: I couldn't find anyone to custom cut the pipe for me, so I used pre-cut 2' pieces that were on the shelf. I figured with the curtain weights and ground stakes I should be OK. Also, I coudn't find the cap ends that she used. Rather, I found the 4" white cap ends, but they simply wouldn't fit on the pipe. So I used the black adjustable ones. I think they actually might be a little better. As I was walking off the lot, a few guys looked at me with all this plumbing stuff in the cart, and one actually asked me if I was going to do all that by myself. I proudly said yes. He just laughed in support.

Back home, I start assmebling my project. When I was about to go to the final step, I realized I don't have enough cement. Going to Home Depot at 10 pm wasn't really an option, so I started digging around my basement. Wouldn't you know it, I had a 10 lbs bucket of fast setting cement just hanging out next to the furnace. Yeah me.

While I was at it, I decided to paint them as well. I mean, the PVC pipe red stripe and the bar codes just didn't mash with my display. I used green spray paint in satin finish. I think it will bring a bit pizazz to my display. I may try to paint some flowers on them tomorrow, just for kicks.

This is the final result. I am very happy and hope they will give me many, many years of steady tents.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weighting your curtains or how to fix your mistakes

You all know that old saying about measuring three times and cutting once? I do too. I just happen to forget it when I most need it.

You see, about a year ago, I decided to have the curtains for my tent display custom-made. So, I shopped around until I found the right place. Working with fabric, as I do, you might ask: why not just make them yourself? Several reasons:

1. The bigger shows require the use of flame-retardant materials. These are not that easily available, and there are just a handful of companies that distribute them. We are lucky to be living so close to New York, as these are used heavily in Broadway productions.

2. I didn't have a faintest idea how to make a show curtain. I was certain there were so many details that I would miss, that I'm better off paying someone to do it right. And I was right to do it. When I first opened the box and looked at the hems and grommets, I thought to myself - thank God.

So, when I picked the company, the fabric, the type of curtain, etc., they asked me for size. Without actually opening and measuring the height of my tent, I blurted out: 8 feet. Well, those of you that know tents, know they are not 8 feet. But, I read that somewhere on the package, and I thought I was right. Typical.

The curtains arrived just a few days before the first show. When I went to put them up I realized they were too long. This had bad and good things about it. Bad, they drag around and get dirty, and they look a little unkempt. Good, I could wrap them around weights, so that we don't fly away.

Finally, a few days ago, I broke down and decided to shorten them. I cut off the extra 2 feet, rolled them up and left them in the corner. Why? I realized that I needed to weight them down, unless I wanted to be blown to Kansas, and I had nothing to weight them down with. After a few days of agony, I called a friend who makes drapery for living. And she said ball chain.

Now, have you ever gone to Home Depot and asked one of the guys to help you find ball chain? Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, will you?! After going through hardware, then plumbing, then hardware again, I decided that ball chain is simply not going to do it, and that I needed something sturdier. So I opted for the good old double twist. It comes in several different sizes, and I picked the one that I thought would do the job the best.

First, I secured the chain to the bottom of the curtain using needle and quilting thread. That stuff is awesome. Really strong.

Then I simply hemmed the curtains, 4 inches, like the original was.

I used double-stitch, just in case. You really don't want your chains rattling all over the place when you are trying to set up or break down for the show.

The end result - fantastic! It drapes perfectly. And it's so much easier to fold. I wish I had the audacity to do it before. It would have saved me a lot of headaches and a few dry cleaning bills.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Showing your age

Oh, yes, the bad word - age. I think I am at the point that if I don't tattoo it on my arm, I know it's not going to happen. Here's what I forgot to tell you:

My friends at the NewNew Team from Etsy are organizing a series of giveaways to promote the show we are doing this Saturday, May 8, Crafts in Chelsea. Yes! New York! Yes! Free stuff! And not just any stuff... This is good.

Here is what we have so far:

Day 1 Giveaway

Day 2 Giveaway

Day 3 Giveaway

Day 4 Giveaway

And what is being given away? Glad you should ask. The answer is a boat load of amazing and unique art, jewelry, decorative items - you name it, they are giving it away.

You should click here. Now! Because, after May 8, it will all be gone.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A little popcorn, a big screen, and it's a date!

We at Woolly Boo are very proud to announce that we are the OFFICIAL SPONSOR of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival. Considering we are importing their amazing organic wool for our products, it seemed like a great fit to support this community-based event.

If you are not familiar with Bosnian-Herzegovinian film industry, than let me enlighten you:
  • It is a rather small country, the size of West Virginia.
  • It has only about 4.5 million people.
  • Yet, the films made by Bosnian directors have won just about every major award there is, including the Oscar ("No Man's Land" by Danis Tanovic in 2001, in competition with "Amelie").
Are you impressed yet? You should be.

For more information, and to buy tickets, please visit their website.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Woolly Boo at Crafts in Chelsea, NYC

Yes, NYC baby!!!

We did this show last Fall, if you remember. We had so much fun that we are going back!

Come and give us your support. Or come some last minute Mother's Day shopping. There will be over 80 vendors there. Or come for the free cookies I'll be giving out.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recap: Cherry Hill, NJ Show

Those of you that have seen me between Saturday and today, or have read my Facebook page, know how much I have been raving about the show.

The weather was superb: not too warm, and not cold. The venue: inviting. The crowds: large. The food: delicious. The soundtrack: loud and rocking, just the way I like it. In addition, I've managed to set up the tent in under 2 hours, which is a new record. Also, I've met some amazing fellow crafters, and seen some good old friends. All in all, a fantastic event.

Check out the photos I took on the Flickr.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New online catalog

Try clicking here, and tell me what happens. I am very curious to see how it works and if it works. If it does, it will be magnificent.

Friday, April 23, 2010

All packed up and ready to go

We just finished loading up the car. Oh, you have to see this. I'll take a photo tomorrow of the packed car, and then all the boxes when I unpack it. You wouldn't believe what can fit in there. And you wouldn't believe all the stuff you need.

I've also baked some blue cookies for tomorrow. That should be fun. Wonder if there will be any takers. Would you eat these?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marketing materials

I have to say, I have a whole new level of respect for the people who work in marketing. I mean, I really suck at this. I tried to create a new catalog and a brochure, and after fighting with the Photoshop till about 2 am, I gave up. I picked it up again this morning. And it has to be said, it worked better after a few hours of sleep and after reading the instructions.

Here are the results. Not bad, right?

Well, whatever the comments might be, I have to tell you, with my trial membership expiring in a few days and the number of hours it took to create this, I am not re-doing it any time soon. Phew.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturday is D Day!!!

Just wanted to remind you that we will be at the Cherry Hill Art Blooms Green Craft Festival this Saturday, April 24. Here are the coordinates:

Croft Farm Arts Center
100 Borton's Mill Road
Cherry Hill, NJ

If any of you happen to be in the neighborhood, it would be great to see you/meet you in person.

P.S. We'll have FREE fresh cookies, if all else fails [LOL].

Friday, April 16, 2010

Keeping up with the Joneses

Or the blog... I am awful at this. And, I am about to get worse.

I just realized that my first show of the season is next Saturday at Cherry Hill, and the next one is two weeks after that, and all the subsequent ones are 5 days apart. So, full steam ahead into making of the inventory, so I actually have something to sell.

Speak to you in December.

Just kidding.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Please VOTE!

I really hope you are doing better than me these days. The allergies are really doing a number on me - I can't do anything.

Anyway, a bit of good news and a call for action. A very good friend and an amazing person, Terry Grahl, whom you might remember as one of the organizers of the Martha Stewart event I took part in this January, is a finalist in the Pine Sol's "Make a Powerful Difference" Contest.

Terry is an interior designer who converted her design business into Enchanted Makeovers, a nonprofit organization that transforms women's shelters into places of peace and possibilities. She helps shelters become an enlightening and beautiful place to live! Her group also supplies shelters with heartfelt items, such as handmade cards, and offers consulting to folks who want to assist their local shelters.

So please vote for her wonderful non-profit organization in the link below. Out of 4,100 entries Enchanted Makeovers has been picked as one of 10 finalists to win $10,000. You can vote daily until April 21:

All the stuff that makes you sneeze

Apparently, the list is very long this weekend. And, if I am not sneezing, then I'm rubbing my eyes. Not fun... And, now, of course, I can't sleep because of all of that. Great.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Plug

I don't normally do this, because I don't want people to think I am getting paid. Or that anything mentioned on this blog makes us any money. I wish!

Anyway, I got Mike Michalowicz's book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur as part of the goodbye gift from Martha Stewart event in January (you can read about it here). It languished on my bedside table for a few weeks or so. Then Mike contacted me for comments. Of course, I said I'll get right on it.

Fast forward to the last week of March and our vacation. On the last day, having graciously gotten a half day off by my husband and kids, I started reading it. I gulped the first two chapters, and laughed the whole way through them. Then we got back home, and the book got buried under a mountain of mail. Well, I finally dug it up last night and finished the damn thing. One word - awesome!

I am a great believer in NOT having a business plan, if not for any other reason then because I simply don' have time to write it. Mike doesn't like them either. Yeah!

Ultimately, what the book and Mike do is kick your behind and make you do what you always wanted to do - a real life inspiration. So, thanks Mike! The glass is half full today!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Something to think about...

I know, it's 80 degrees outside. Who in their right mind wants to think about comforters and sleep sacks? I mean, the winter is finally OVER.

So, don't. How about thinking of pillows and mattress pads? Hah, you say!?

Well, let me tell you a story:

You know how you put your kid down for a nap, and 45 minutes later they woke up, drenched in sweat and completely uncomfortable and cranky? With Woolly Boo pillows and mattress pads, these occurrences are reduced to a minimum. Why? Glad you asked.

Reason #1
Wool is a natural material, and as such it BREATHES. So, the air is circulating around your child, keeping it cooler. And the contact with the clammy, hot plastic of the mattress is diminished.

Reason #2
Wool absorbs up to 40% (according to some researchers) of its weight in moisture. So, if your child does sweat, it is absorbed into the pillow and the mattress pad, and you guessed it, the child is feeling cooler.

But, don't take my word for it. Read this testimonial:

"This mattress pad was so worth the investment - since the first night my 11 months-old daughter slept on it, she stopped sweating at night. This has been almost a week and our baby sleeps much more peaceful (might be a phase, but definitely not wet or damp hair anymore) and I feel really good about her sleeping on such healthy bedding. Thank you Selma - excellent quality, all pre-washed and not oozing any chemicals - will recommend your products to all moms who want their kids to sleep chemical free!" I.O., New Jersey

So, what do you think?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

I have no jokes today. I mean, if I tell you I decided to shut down this operation, how many of you would be really upset? If I said I was picked up by Bergdorf Goodman, would you believe me? I didn't think so.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guest Blog: NewNew Goes ECO

It is pretty safe to say that the Alexandra Ferguson studio generates a LOT of felt scraps in the process of manufacturing her collection of applique pillows. So when a local Master Gardener told Charlotte Ferguson (Alexandra's mom, and the brand's Roving Ambassador) about a clever trick to keep her spring seedlings well watered while depleting Alexandra's ever growing stash of scraps....well, it was too good to keep to ourselves.

Follow these easy steps to create your own low-maintenance indoor greenhouse:

1. You will need a panel of felt about 24" x 16". We pieced two smaller panels together to get the right size. I thought it would be fun to use up all the tiny scraps in rainbow colors to create a patchwork, but Charlotte was in a hurry. One quick seam did the trick. You won't see the felt once all the plants are on top of it, so don't worry about making it look beautiful.
2. Using a medium sized waterproof container (we used clear storage bins), place the black trays your plants often come with upside down (shown on left side of photo). The idea is that you need to get about 3" height, so anything you have around the house that would serve that purpose would work as well. Place your felt panel on top of your riser, making sure that the edges of the felt go all the way to the bottom.
3. Pour water into your waterproof container. Soak the felt thoroughly, with about 2" height of water in your tub.
4. Place your trays of seedlings on top of the soaking felt, and you are done! The felt will draw water up from the bottom as the seeds drink, so your seeds will always be perfectly watered and you don't need to do a thing!
Your greenhouse should be placed in a sunny spot indoors. We added a grow light, easily found at Home Depot or your local gardening store for extra oomph.

Two weeks later

To celebrate spring, Alexandra is giving away one of her botanical-themed pillows. Don't have a garden with windows full of seedlings? The 16" "Tulip" pillow in cocoa that she is giving away should more than make up for it! The best part? This flower blooms all year long.

Check out the rest of the alexandra ferguson collection on her Etsy site,
including many other floral styles as well as her popular "Pillow Talk" line of sassy words and phrases. Alexandra works exclusively with recycled felt made from plastic water bottles. Every applique shape is meticulously cut by hand and stitched down in her studio based in Westchester County, NY. Just like everything in nature, no two are ever the same!

You must be a FOLLOWER of the NewNew blog. Visit Alex's store HERE. Come back and leave a comment on this post and let us know what your favorite item in her shop was. One entry per person BUT if you twitter, blog, or facebook about this giveaway and leave a link it will give you extra entries.

This giveaway is the last on our series of March Madness giveaways-- It ends Tuesday, April 6th- winner announced on the April 6th blog post. Please scroll for two additional giveaways from the team that will also end April 6.

I know...

I'm like the worst blogger in the world. It's just that I don't have anything interesting going on these days. Unless you want to hear about waiting in line to pick up my labels from the Post Office.

I didn't think so.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Issues with the page design

The logo should have been transparent. Oh, well. Back to square one.

But, the new background is great, right?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Preparations for Easter

I am not one to celebrate religious holidays, being a non-Christian, but I saw these adorable felted baskets at the store earlier this week, and I thought kids will love them. And they do. They keep filling them with toys and carting them around - adorable.