Monday, August 23, 2010

FINALIST for Eco Choice Awards!

What a surprising phone call that was!

While I knew that being featured in the SustainAbility display would be a great honor, I had no idea how much attention we would receive from it.

First, there was a buyer in a booth across from mine pointing to the dress form in the corner and telling me that she loved my Just Peachy Sleep Sack when she saw it on NBC that morning. NBC?!? So cool! "Oh, you didn't know?" No, I didn't until just then! I will certainly post the link to the video as soon as I find it.

Then, there was an interior designer who came downstairs to find me and tell me that our Toddler Comforters are the most amazing thing she saw in a long time - the wool, the fabric, the quality of workmanship. She stood there for about 20 minutes hugging it, and then she told me she will go upstairs to vote for me. Vote? There was an option to vote?

And last, but not least, I received a phone call on Friday that Woolly Boo Just Peachy Sleep Sack is a FINALIST for the Eco Choice Award in a category of Most Sensible Use of Materials. As voted by the retailers. Now, how about that!

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