Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Event Report: Biggest Baby Shower by Big City Moms

This was one of those events that every mom should attend once in her lifetime. Because, if she doesn't, she might grow to regret it. Why?!? Well, for example, all attendees this year walked away with a FREE stroller!!! Yup, you read that right. And that was just one of the highlights. The smaller appliances and equipment were too many to write down here. But, you can read all about it on their page.

By all accounts, it was a hugely successful event. The talks and discussions were standing room only. Rooms that had vendors tables were very hard to walk through, especially if you had a belly. And there were some really amazing vendors present. One learns something new every day and wonders where were these things when I had my first baby. You can look at the photos here.

So, congratulations to the organizers. We hope that we made some new friends and that we'll see you again at the next Biggest Baby Shower. Just look for our little sheep.

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