Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simple care for your wool bedding

As you know, all Woolly Boo bedding products have special ‘Care’ instructions which, if followed, will help maintain your bedding performance and service through a long lifetime.

One of the issues that always comes up when we talk to our potential customers is maintenance: how do you maintain Woolly Boo bedding? And our answer is always: please don't wash it. Inevitably, we get a lot of raised eyebrows,  some people just leave, but most stay and ask a follow-up question: what do you mean by that?

Well, here it is: our wool filler is made or organic wool, and it contains a very high percentage of lanolin. And lanolin is a naturally-occurring wax which essentially makes organic wool organic. It is a wax, so it repels water, it also repels dust mites, making the wool hypoallergenic, etc., etc. When you wash the wool bedding, especially with harsh detergents, you essentially strip away the lanolin and all the good it brings. So, the less washing the better.

And the follow-up question to that is: how do I accomplish that with toddlers? Simple: use your duvet or comforter covers. Use your pillow shams. You see, when you use a comforter cover or a pillow sham, if it gets dirty, you only need to wash the cover. Imagine all the good things you are doing: you are using less water and less detergent, you are wasting less energy on drying, and you are extending the life of your basic bedding.

Now, it is good to know that Woolly Boo bedding can be easily dry cleaned if absolutely necessary and when indicated on the instructions it may be machine washed. But, it must always, almost exclusively be air dried. Any item of wool bedding will last longer and look better if it is given periodic airing and the immediate removal of spots and stains is maintained. 

Since food stains and body oils attract moths, you should ensure your bedding is clean before packing it away in airtight bags or containers. Use mothballs or enclosed lavender sachets, but don’t put them directly on the fabric.

Always ensure you read the label for specific care instructions, as they may vary. A few simple measures after the end of the season will ensure your Woolly Boo bedding remains in great condition over time.

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