Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Most Important Tip When Raking Leaves


You probably don't remember how much fun raking leaves can be, because you are too busy stuffing the damn things in those infernal bags. Have no fear, toddlers are here. All home repair stores now carry mini tools of all kinds, including leaf rakes. We just got a pair for our little rascals. And sure enough, as soon as they got home from preschool, they got busy piling the leaves. Their only goal: to pile as many as possible so they can "swim" in them. So, join in the fun, because they are only little for so long.

Also, you are teaching them several great things, all by example:
  • How to get good exercise on a beautiful Fall day outdoors, while doing useful chores.
  • How to do that useful chore (trust me, this will come in handy in about 10 years, for both of you).
  • And, last by not least, you are teaching them how to be useful around the house and do their share in the family dynamic.

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