Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ENK Children's Club - January Edition

In preparation for the year, and because the ENK staff has been so nice to invite us, we decided to visit the January edition of the Children's Club.

You see, for some time we have been playing with an idea of exhibiting at the ENK. And while it was a great show, together with awesome gift bags and free cucumber sandwich lunch (I HAVE to get the name of that caterer), the final decision is that it is really not for us. One team member said that it could be a good thing there are no other bedding exhibitors, as it would give us an edge. My theory that if there are no other bedding exhibitors, there are no bedding buyers either. Unfortunately. But, as a mom, it was great to see the new fashion trends before they hit the stores. I feel like such an industry insider now.

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