Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYIGF: Recap

Well, this was some week. It started with the snow, and ended the same way. If you have been watching our Facebook fan page, you might have noticed that we initially planned to set up on Wednesday, January 26. Then, it started to snow, so the truck couldn't get to us. On Thursday, it snowed even more, and while we were trying to dig ourselves out, we had only fleeting thoughts of how insane it will be on Friday, when everyone else comes to the Javitz Center.

Amazingly enough, when we arrived there on Friday, it was so orderly and calm, you would have thought you were at a spa. Just amazing. Hundreds of people, many of them waiting in various lines, no sign of stress and irritation... Simply amazing. So, we set up our booth, and were home by dinner. Kids were very excited.

One novelty that was also interesting for us this year, was a new Baby & Child "Peek-A-Boo" display, previewing new gear, decor, accessories and wearables from exhibitors in this new division. Editors of leading trade publications and representative from top parenting blogs and websites selected their top picks in several categories. Here is our entry: green damask print infant sleep sack and toddler travel pillow.

Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to win any awards, but many of our good friends and booth neighbors have, so big congratulations to them.

Whether it was due to a fast approaching second storm, or better publicity, the show got off on a very high note from day one. The traffic on a Saturday in August was very sparse, while this time around some major buyers were there, bright and early, on a Saturday morning. By Tuesday morning the second storm had started, and most out-of-towners were already gone. So, Tuesday, with so much less crowd, the buyers from New York and New Jersey had the show all to them selves. And I don't know if it was the weather, or the smaller crowd, or lack of competition, or simply because our products are so great, so many representatives of the local shops were coming to our booth and introducing themselves. It made us all feel very proud. And it is safe to say that combined with the interest from the buyers and the press, this was our most successful trade show yet! Here's to a great year!

By the way, isn't this pair of Jellycat sheep just adorable? New mascot? Yes? No?

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