Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Recently, while doing research on safe baby sleep products, I came upon this company, Secure Beginnings, the maker of breathable crib mattress. It is a two-part system with a base and a sleeping surface. We have not personally seen the product, but just by reading about it it makes us feel good. We only hope that in future they will incorporate more natural fibers and we certainly wish them luck.

One other thing that we wanted to draw your attention to is their blog. There, they will focus on sharing safe sleep information, research data, as well recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Sudden Infant Death Alliance. One of the recent posts talks about body temperature. This information, together with the Woolmark Sleep Comfort Study offers really comprehensive look at the relationship between sleep and body temperature. We hope that you find it as interesting as we have.

SAFE "BABY" SLEEP FACTS: Why a Stable Core Body Temperature Not Only Keeps Baby Safe, It Helps baby sleep better.

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