Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh my, oh Brooklyn!

Who would have thought that going back home can be so much fun? I LOVE Brooklyn.

Yes, that is correct, yours truly is a Brooklyn girl. At least was for about 10 years after landing at the JFK airport in 1995. I love my old neighborhood of Bensonhurst, love my old neighbors, the amazing food, and shopping, screaming kids on the playground next to the subway station, the sound of wind when it whispers through the trees...

So, naturally, Brooklyn Baby Expo was going to be a success for me, no matter what. And it certainly was. Big thanks go out to Karen Connell and her team from A Child Grows in Brooklyn. They made us feel welcome and special.

Where do I begin? The location was ideal for something like this. Toren condos were not only stunningly beautiful, but also very spacious. My pet peeve about events like these is that they are always situated in large, cavernous spaces, with no end in sight, just tables upon tables of exhibitors. It is so overwhelming for me, let alone a parent who is trying to absorb all this information being directed at them. Having exhibitors broken up between several apartments, actually made the atmosphere much more relaxed and less overwhelming.

Karen and her team did a great job of catering to their audience: there was plenty of food, water, bathrooms, changing tables, stroller parking, quiet rooms, play rooms, nursing rooms, you name it. So, moms and dads could take a break without having to leave the building. How cool is that?

Last, but not least, they did a fantastic job in marketing the event. The media contingent numbered over 70 individuals, and most seminars were sold out. I overheard people saying that the event was so well organized that it will be a golden standard for future events of this kind. They are certainly on top of our list, and we can't wait to go back.

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