Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's National Sleep Awareness Week!

It's National Sleep Awareness Week. Naturally, we were very excited to hear about this, because sleep is very important, and these days nobody gets enough, especially parents. Here are some Woolly Boo tips on getting some great zzzzzzzzzz's:
  1. Have an early dinner. Never go to bed with the full stomach.
  2. Dance. Yup, dance. Be silly. Laugh. This will help you get tired, in a good way.
  3. Have a calming bath or a shower. A drop of lavender oil in the water is really helpful as well.
  4. Air out the bedrooms before going to sleep.
  5. Lower the temperature in the bedrooms to 66 degrees.
  6. Use natural and organic sheets, as well as pillow inserts and comforters, like those made of wool, because wool breathes naturally and regulates body temperature, providing superior comfort.
Woolly Boo Toddler Pillow in Pink and Infant Sleep Sack in Sunshine Yellow
And these are not just for you. If you do it together with your children, it will make you both sleep so much better. Sweet dreams.

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