Monday, October 19, 2009

And, so it went...

Would you believe it, I had everything done right, and one, probably the most important thing, that I couldn't control - fell through. My credit card machine didn't come on time. They called three times today to apologize and offer amends. As they should. Thankfully, it didn't make that much of a difference, because people preferred to buy online. Go figure.

It was a great show. I forget how much foot traffic is there in New York, because I mostly drive these days. As with everything else in New York, there were so many different personalities, I am not sure where to begin. There were people with kids, couples without kids, gay couples, lots of young students dressed like Kajgoogoo or A-ha band members... For those of us that lived through the 1980's, it was so much fun to watch. There were a lot of people who asked if my sleep sacks are maybe vests. Probably because it was cold. There was a man in a wheelchair who asked about purchasing a comforter to cover his legs. And there was a woman with an infant who yelled at me because the sleep sack was overpriced in her opinion. As I said, all kinds. Luckily, almost everyone who passed by my tent said the products are beautiful and the logo is cute. And that made me feel great.

My tent threatened to fly away twice, but I did a good job anchoring it with water bottles. After the show, I put the bottles back in the car, because I was too lazy to dump the water - and one of them spilled all over the floor on the drive home. I mean, really. Also, the curtains were too long. I'll shorten them after the construction on the new office/studio is done. Oh yes, we have a new office/studio. I should be finished painting it tomorrow or Wednesday, and I'll post photos.

And, yeah, I forgot to take the camera, so no photos. Sorry folks.

One of the customers suggested another NY show for me. I just sent in my application, and I'll keep you posted. Thankfully, this one is indoors.

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  1. Glad to hear the show went well. I thought of you with the big change in weather. We were stuck judging an outdoor bbq competition in Delaware! It was cold, wet and windy! Good food, though.