Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Lamb

So, my son has discovered the Halloween costumes - check out the photostream on the right of this post. We had two costumes made, one for him and one for our daughter. They will both be little lambs, as I need all the advertising and marketing exposure I can get. Anyway, he likes his new beanie so much, he wears it around the house, kid you not. I am certain, come winter and cold weather, he will want nothing to do with it. Ah, kids, gotta love them.

A short aside: I've ordered some panels/curtains made for my show tent. And if you are asking why I haven't done this myself, it is quite simple: all these shows have flame-retardation requirement when it comes to the display that includes panels/curtains. Now, these fabrics can only be purchased in bulk. I am talking at least 100 yards. So, the best and the cheapest way is to have one of the supply companies actually make these for you, which is what I did. I used Rosebrand. They came highly recommended and I have to say, they were very nice and helpful. And very fast, to boot. The amazing thing is that they can make you practically anything you can imagine, and your own imagination is the only limit. I though they would laugh me out of the room because of the simplicity of my order, and, well, considering how small it was. Nothing like that. Thanks Rosebrand.

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