Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The stamps are here. Yeah!

I ordered two rubber stamps from a fellow Etsian, since I figured it might be more economical to stamp various promotional items, than to put stickers or some other alternative. And I have to tell you, they look great. I just made a batch of price tags using the stamps... Very happy with the results. Here is the photo:

Rundown for the New York show: table-check, tent-check, rain cloth-check, products-check, price tags-check, bags-check, tissue paper-check, postcards-check, business cars-check, dear customer letters-check...

To do: pick up curtains (yes, they are still at the manufacturer's place, long story), banners-hopefully to be delivered at the beginning of next week, stickers are ordered-waiting for delivery... Is that it? Am I missing something?

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