Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy Shop and the "heart" count

If you are not an Etsy user, here's a brief explanation: when a registered Etsy user marks your shop as one of his/hers favorites, you get a heart. It's sort of a popularity contest, and the more hearts you get, more your ratings go up, more the administrators notice you, more they write about you, and more people visit your shop, which hopefully results in increased sales.

So, as you can imagine, everyone is in pursuit of hearts. Except for us. Don't want to sound ostentatious, but we were kind of busy making and trying to sell our products these last few months, which makes this a really great achievement. Etsy is not our only sales platform, so the fact that people are finding us without much effort on our part is great.

Just wanted to thank everyone who gave us a "heart". We really appreciate it.

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