Monday, February 1, 2010

Finally, the whole story

With the parents gone, surgery out of the way, kids virus-free, and baby sitter back from vacation, I finally have time to tell you all about the two day event at the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

It all started last summer, when I first signed up to be a part of the community called Dreamers into Doers on I was there to look up a recipe for dinner, when I saw the banner and decided to join. While there, I virtually met so many wonderful and inspirational women from the entire U.S., and ultimately from all over the World. It was so nice knowing there are so many "sister" souls out there.

A few months ago one of my "virtual" friends, Jolene of Quite the Stir, started a discussion about maybe trying to organize ourselves and meet in New York City to watch the Martha Stewart Show as studio audience. Then Rachel of Rachel Gaffney and Lisa of Polka Dot Pound Cake suggested to give us a cooking demo. Then Terri of Enchanted Makeovers suggested to coordinate that with the makeover of the Safe Horizon residence... Soon enough, we had an event on our calendars.

The story goes that Jolene contacted the amazing Dreamers into Doers editor Alexis Tirado and asked for a group show tickets. Thinking it would only be about 5-6, Alexis said yes. And then she asked. The answer was 40. This tidbit of information caused "quite the stir" (I had to do it, Jolene:)) at MSLO, and pretty soon the meetings were abound to organize an interesting itinerary. In the end, in addition to allowing us to use Martha Stewart kitchens for the demo, we had our luncheon at one of the studios.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2010, the day started at the MSLO offices. We then walked to the kitchens for the cooking demos with Rachel and Lisa. After that, we walked to the Studio A, where everything was set up for the amazing luncheon event. Finally, the food that Rachel and Lisa made during the demo came, and it was yummy!!! I LOVE butter, and Rachel uses a lot of it. And not just any butter. The real Irish butter. Awesome! And Lisa's pound cakes... Mmmmm...

On Wednesday, they split us into two groups, to make it a bit more manageable. My group first toured the MSLO offices with Hannah Milman, executive editorial director of crafts. What a great woman! More importantly, wherever we went at MSLO offices, everyone knew who we were. We even met and chatted with Gael Towey, creative chief officer, Lucinda Scala Quinn, editorial director of food and entertaining, and Fritz Karch, editorial director of collecting, and countless other staff members. Everyone was so welcoming and gracious, that this tour turned out to be the best part of the event. Well, at least for me.

After, we went to the TV Studios for the taping of the show. I was sitting in a first row next to a stunningly beautiful blond that camera crew just adored, so you'll be seeing a lot of the left side of my face. And, yes, it will air of February 19.

Besides needing to lose at least 30 pounds, let me know what you think :)

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