Friday, May 21, 2010


It's the number Woolly Boo entry for the EtsyKids May Design Challenge. Ha?!?

I know. Here is the breakdown: Etsy sellers, such as yours truly, organize in groups or teams based on a specific theme. For example, Woolly Boo is a member of 4 different teams: EtsyKids, EtsyNJ, EtsyMom, and The NewNew (New York City Metro artists and crafters). Obvious choices, right?

So, one of my teams, EtsyKids, runs a monthly design challenge - a theme is picked and all the members can enter, if they choose to, provided their creation meets the criteria. This month, the challenge is "flowers", and we entered our new product: Everlasting Bloom Cup Sleeve.

Now, there are total of sixty three entries, all awesome. Woolly Boo is #49. Because this is my team, I am not saying vote for me, and I am not going to run the voting campaign I did last week. But should you feel inclined, Woolly Boo is #49.

Thank you.

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