Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recap: Anderson Park, NJ

Regardless what happened, this was going to be a successful show for us, since we were on home field. Woolly Boo showroom is 3 blocks away from the Anderson Park, and The Montclair Times gave us that lovely mention in the Arts section 2 weeks ago.

And the people came. In droves. I didn't even have time to visit the bathroom, which was only several feet away. The food was a complete science fiction. At one point I was so thirsty and hungry, I sent one of my customers to get me some refreshments. Honest.

I got a visit from a local Councilman, all the local customers, all the neighbors, all the friends from Montclair and surrounding towns, local fellow crafters and artists, and all the moms I met on the various playgrounds and during classes for kids. It was phenomenal. And tiring. But, the tiredness only came about later, as I was trying to do some work on the computer, and fell asleep sitting. I did. True story.

As far as show management is concerned, I have nothing but nicest things in the world to say about Janet and Howard Rose. They really are a pleasure to work with, and I will certainly be back next Fall.

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