Monday, September 13, 2010

Recap: Lyndhurst, NY Show

Has to be said, this is one of the Top 2 show experiences I've ever had. It is really a pleasure working with serious, dedicated, professional show promoters. I have been lucky to have met several in my brief craft show carrier.

The location was idyllic, the weather fantastic, staff helpful and accommodating, and everything ran as a well oiled machine. I just needed a better coffee, and it would have been perfect.

So far, it looks like this show is a collection of artists, artisans, and crafters that are in a same category as me: handcrafted heirloom quality, and priced accordingly. Depending on the layout next year, I might consider moving to a little tent set up, but that is always tricky in September, as Sunday's rain proved. Under the large tents (two tents connected with a tunnel), customers could still shop without having to worry about umbrellas and getting wet, and it was considerably warmer than outside.

And the view... Ah, the view...

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