Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recap: Woodstock-New Paltz, NY Show

It must be said, I have never seen such excitement about the art and crafts fair, as I did in New Paltz this past weekend. And, on my ride back home, I found out why. One of the local residents told me that this show is the premier event in the area, and people talk about it for months, before and after the show. This would explain the amazing crowd lining up at 9:30 am to get tickets for the 10 am opening. Most other shows I've done, nobody shows up before lunch. Well, lesson learned.

High marks go to the show organizers and promoters: they were very good at controlling the traffic, they had a very good balance of crafts, the bathrooms were clean and the garbage taken away before it was overflowing, the recycling bins were actually used and regularly emptied, and the food was tasty. My one issue: they didn't have any booth sitters, which means that people like me, with no sales help, had to either leave their display unattended, or go hungry. Not good options.

To save on costs, and to have a somewhat of a semblance of a family life this holiday weekend, I decided to drive in every day, as opposed to sleep over in New Paltz. Three tanks of gas, 1 speeding ticket, and 652 miles later, I realized that was not one of my best ideas. Another lesson.

I have to say, I am very much looking forward to the Anderson Park show this weekend. It is going to be nice selling out of my backyard.

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